6cm (5.7GHZ)

The Transverter is from VHF Design in the Ukraine.

The amplifier is a retuned 7ghz amplifier giving 12w out for 1mw in.

(Credit to Robert SQ8AQX for the information to get it running)

PA 5.7GHz 12W
PA from 7.7GHz, tuning and starting at 6cm.
The amplifier requires ‘s power supply and -8V + 8V and 10V .

7ghz amp
final devices
Re-tuning requires the addition of a few flags seen above.

6cm 12W
Amplifier ready to go. In 1mW out 12W.

 PA power supply

PA power board:
Input voltage 12-14V. 
Output voltage -8V (ICL7660), + 8V (LM78M08), + 10V (LT1083CP).
Power connection: 

1 + 8V
2 -8V

10V power supply

Alternative low power amplifier 2.5w

I also use a drone amplifier model TXPA58002W5. Vendors claim 5w but the device does 2.5w. The RP-SMA connectors are are usually poorly fit off the edge of the board. change these to standard SMA and fit tight against board edge. The heatsink has a poor contact to the device and its face is painted. Clean off and apply heatsink compound or overheating / device failure occurs. There’s also a 20db attenuator on the input. In my case this was removed for 1mw (0dbm) input which is the same as the bigger 7ghz amp above

Note the poorly fit original RP-SMA connectors
Position of input attenuator replaced with a single zero ohm resistor on the input track

The PA has about 28db gain

Note !! with attenuator removed credit for measurements to DH5YM

The Preamplifier

Frequency range 5710..5810 MHz
Noise figure @ 18 °C max. 0.7 dB
Gain min. 12 dB

The antenna is a grid dish reflector

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